Taj Pharmaceuticals ltd.

Taj pharma is a health care provider; pharmaceutical company with diversified expertise. The founder of Taj Pharmaceuticals, Dr. R. K. Singh, is a pioneering entrepreneur who is convinced that the future belonged to branded pharmaceutical products. The TPL is by no means a new player to the Indian market and has already experienced commercial success piercing through the world wide health care markets. Dr. R. K. Singh felt a great urge to attach the product information as the link between the pharmaceutical manufacturer and doctors, pharmacists and patients.

The capability of using their skills in fields such as development, manufacturing and marketing all together makes TPL an appealing business ally. According to the Taj Pharmaceutical news, soon after the establishment of the company, affiliates were opened in Mauritius, Malaysia, Dubai, Moscow, England, France, the US, Great Britain and Russia. The TPL serves 500+ products to consumers in more than 40 countries and territories across the globe. Looking forward to enhanced growth and business opportunities through collaboration and strategic alliances, The Taj Pharmaceuticals ltd. is moving ahead with a vision of a better India.

The TPL offers a wide range of products like Allopathic products, Injections, Ayurvedic & Herbals, O.T.C Products, HIV Range and Generic Medicines. Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd., offers a wide range of healthcare products through its sixteen Health care & animal care divisions some of which are; CardiiCare, GenKare, OrthoCare, Nirvana, PediatricCare, etc.

In the pharmaceutical industry, The Taj Pharmaceuticals ltd. is an access to the richest and the most creative research pipelines. The TPL puts in zealous efforts and hard work to enhance the value they are committed to provide towards improving health and quality of lives across the world. Quality, being the strong key necessity for the TPL; the products they offer have always been unbeatable in the field of quality. The products and services they offer are well attested to ensure the high level of quality before reaching the masses.

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