Generic Product Division – Taj Pharma

Reaching millions the quick way

Pursuing the philosophy of making available quality products at affordable prices for thegencare labour mass of people, is Taj Pharmaceuticals, Generic division. Launched with the slogan, “your faith is our moto”, the Generic division is the one of the market leader in the country. What began as a small activity a couple of years ago, is now a full-fledged division , all set to reach the a billions mark by 2025, through novel marketing strategies.

Pursuing the trail of success in Generic business, this division has further diversified its activities into newer therapy areas by promoting another marketing arm – Genkare.

The product basket contains more than a hundred products from 15 therapeutic segments, including Analgesics, Antipyretics, Anthelmintics, Anti-hypertensives, Anti-inflammatory preparations, Anti-bacterials, Cardiovascular drugs, Vitamins, Iron and protein tonics, etc. A slew of high-value, branded generic products are being augmented to the product basket from time to time.

With more products in the pipeline, this division is poised to further consolidate its position as a player in Generics in India.