The Division of Cardicare at Taj Pharmaceuticals – Cardiology deals with cardiovascular medicine, explores leading-edge research that will redefine the field and provides exceptional care for patients at risk for or with established cardiovascular disease.

The Division of Cardicare includes nationally recognized in cardiovascular medicine, heart failure and transplant cardiology, advanced coronary and structural interventions, cardiac imaging, resuscitation sciences, and electrophysiology. These physicians and physician scientists are committed to advancing patient care, collaborating with basic scientists to bridge bench-to-bedside knowledge and pursuing multidisciplinary and cutting edge clinical and population research in cardiovascular disease.

Division of Cardiology is at the forefront of many exciting breakthroughs in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Through basic cardiovascular, translational, and clinical research, our internationally recognized Cadicare division has contributed significantly to the understanding of classic cardiovascular disease syndromes. The division will continue to lead as diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to cardiovascular disease change dramatically in the coming years.