The primary cause of diabetes is the disorder of glucose metabolism which, among other things, due to an aggravated supply of cells with glucose, can conduce to malfunctions of the skin. Diabetes slows down the healing of injuries, the skin loses its elasticity, and sensitivity to solar radiation and other harmful influences of the environment is increased. The skin is dry, itches often and its nutrition is worse. Because lymphocytes have reduced activities, infections of the skin often occur. Legs are the most frequently affected parts of the body, however the symptoms are not only restricted to those areas.

To prevent the consequences of damage to the skin, special preparations should be applied and they should include the following ingredients and agents:

Hydration ingredients (glycerin, urea, panthenol, aloe) that will reduce the loss of water from the skin followed by its desiccation; agents against bacteria, fungi and yeast; antioxidants that protect the cell membranes from free radicals; agents nourishing the complexion and supporting its regeneration (ceramids, vegetable oils); agents that can harden the cell walls of capillaries in the skin.