Taj Pharmaceuticals, is a generics pharmaceuticals company with product range exceeding 4600 compositions under all therapeutic categories

Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited stands at the forefront of healthcare innovation and compassion. Our commitment to improving lives is unwavering, as evidenced by our extensive range of pharmaceutical offerings. We proudly supply prescription solutions, life-saving medications, anti-cancer treatments, veterinary care products, trusted consumer brands, and cutting-edge CNS drugs.

Our focus extends to a wide spectrum of health concerns, including anemia, anxiety disorders, cancer and oncology, ear infections, heart failure, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, influenza, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, obesity, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, pneumonia, transplantation, and various common ailments.

With our headquarters nestled in the vibrant city of Mumbai, India, Taj Pharmaceuticals India Business continues to lead the way in providing healthcare solutions that empower individuals and communities to thrive. Join us on our journey towards a healthier, brighter future.

Taj Pharmaceuticals stands proudly as a global leader in generics, ranking among the top ten pharmaceutical companies in India. Our legacy in the field of medicine spans over a century, and our commitment to innovation and excellence shines through. We have taken the forefront in critical therapeutic areas such as cancer, virology, and transplantation. What sets us apart is the harmonious fusion of Taj Pharma’s generic and pharmaceutical divisions, backed by cutting-edge genetic sciences, allowing us to craft personalized healthcare solutions tailored precisely to individual patient needs.

At Taj Pharmaceuticals, our mission is clear – to alleviate suffering and elevate the quality of life for people worldwide. We have tirelessly pursued this noble goal with unwavering patience, dedication, imagination, and expertise. Our vision revolves around the creation of targeted medicines and diagnostic tools, uniting to provide patients, physicians, and payers with superior, safer, and more cost-effective healthcare solutions.

Welcome to Taj Pharmaceuticals, where a profound vision transforms into reality. We are more than just a company; we are pioneers in Innovating Generics Healthcare.

Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited operates with an unshakable commitment to earn the trust of doctors, patients, and customers every single day. We understand that trust is a precious currency, and we invest daily in becoming champions for our stakeholders.

Over the past decade, Taj Pharmaceuticals Group has been diligently shaping a new paradigm in healthcare. Throughout our organization in India, we nurture enduring relationships founded on mutual confidence. This commitment is evident in our actions – our scientists earn trust through groundbreaking discoveries, our sales and marketing teams work tirelessly to improve global health, and our colleagues at every level strive to be trustworthy.

This journey demands relentless effort, impeccable execution, unwavering integrity, and transparency from all Taj Pharmaceuticals Group members. Our global team remains resolute in expanding innovative treatments and increasing access to quality healthcare worldwide. We aspire to excellence in three core areas: our people, our products, and our processes.

The fruits of our labor are beginning to emerge, but we believe the best is yet to come. True champions never relent; they tirelessly pursue better outcomes. As a healthcare company, our purpose is to help people worldwide live better and longer lives.

Our product range encompasses a wide array of major generic drugs, spanning therapeutic categories such as anti-cancer drugs, CNS medications, and key medicines for conditions like anemia, anxiety disorders, heart failure, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, and more. Taj Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to improving the human condition by providing effective solutions for common diseases and complex medical challenges.


Our world class finished dosage manufacturing facility is located at At Village – Kalgam,Coastal Highway Road,Dist. – Valsad, Gujrat – 396142.India in the middle of the some of the major generic players of the world. The facility has dedicated manufacturing modules for oral solid dosages Tablet, Capsule, Small Volume Parenterals, Injection, Dry Injection, Syrups & Suspensions , Ointments , Dry Syrups and caters to export and domestic markets.

  • A Scale up and a Commercial module for Solid dosages
  • Two Modules for Sterile manufacturing
  • Class 10,000 and Class 1000 controlled conditions. 17 dedicated AHUs to control individual areas. Terminal Hepa filters in core processing area

Some of salient features of our facilities are
• Class 10,000 and Class 1000 controlled conditions. 17 dedicated AHUs to control individual areas. Terminal Hepa filters in core processing area
• Capable of wet/dry granulation, direct compression, film coating and blister/strip/alu-alu packing
• The Purified Water Distribution loop confirming to USP only
• Comprehensive utilities (Boilers, Chilled & Hot water, Air compressors, H.T Electricity incl. DG and UPS)
• GCs, HPLCs with PDA, UV Spectrophotometers, IR, PSD, DSC
• Absolute focus on Safety, Health & Environment
• Gearing up for ISO 9001 and 14001 (EMS) certifications
• Factory cGMP, WHO, UKMHRA Approved

Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd has it's manufacturing facility for the below mention categories of pharmaceutical products.

Tablet 22 lac per shift Capsule 22 lac per shift Injection 2.5 lac per shift Dry Injection 3.5 lac per shift Small Volume Parenterals 4.5 lac per shift Syrups & Suspensions 1.5 lac per shift Ointments 2.5 lac per shift Dry Syrups 1.5 lac per shift
Manufacturing (Capacity)

flaskState-of-the art Liquid Injections (SVP Line) and General Dry Powder facilities, which adhere to stringent specifications of GMP and WHO-GMP; We are International standard contract manufacturing Organization.

spinnerTaj Pharma leverages its India units as cost effective manufacturing together with its extensive expertise and technology platforms to offer competitive, high quality, custom manufacturing services to a global clientele. Our facility has been inspected by various international regulators including the USFDA, GMP, WHO & ISO Certified.

clockTaj Pharma’s manufacturing facilities operate to the highest standards of quality control. Tests produced at all four of our sites are manufactured to stringent levels of reliability, reproducibility and stability.

Once again, welcome to Taj Pharmaceuticals, a great company that is translating a great vision of generics into reality – We Innovate Generics Healthcare.


LYOPHILIZED INJECTION 5 million (w.r.t. 10 ml) LIQUID INJECTION 10 million (w.r.t. 10 ml) CEPHALOSPORIN - DRY POWDER INJECTION 10 million AMPOULE 50,000/shift
Manufacturing Capacities

Taj Pharmaceuticals – Anti Cancer Division

Taj Oncology’s vision is to become a world class player in oncology through excellence in innovation, discovery of new manufacturing processes / drug delivery mechanisms and consistently high quality of production.

We commenced operations in 1994 with the inauguration of our ultra-modern facility for the production of generics and formulations for oncology and other therapeutic applications. We are one of the pioneers in India in lyophilization.

We identified, very early, the need for achieving self – sufficiency in formulations as well as in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) , and our achievements reflect this focus. We launched our (APIs) in year 1994 & now have to our credit a number of new manufacturing processes & drug delivery mechanisms.

We have a manufacturing plant located at Tarapur, Thane in Maharashtra State. This facility meets the current Good Manufacturing Practices norms as laid down by the World Health Organization.

Our marketing spans domestic and overseas operations. With a network across the Indian sub-continent and market penetration in several countries across four continents, we are on our way to meeting our target of reaching out to cancer patients, worldwide.


Anti Cancer Division (CYTOTOXIC DRUGS)

TABLETS 175 million CAPSULE 10 million LYOPHILIZED INJECTION 5 million (w.r.t. 10 ml) LIQUID INJECTION 10 million (w.r.t. 10 ml)
"Taj Oncology is the fulfillment of my long cherished dream to provide a range of quality pharmaceutical products at affordable prices for the welfare of humanity."

Quality & Regulatory Authorities Inspections & Approvals

Salient features of our Quality Management Systems

  • Integrated approach towards quality control, quality assurance, production and regulatory affairs
  • State-of-the-art analytical instrumentation, quality assurance and quality control systems at each manufacturing step to monitor product quality
  • Continuous improvement of the procedures, processes, technologies and infrastructure assures the quality of our products.
  • End-to-end process validation.
  • Comprehensive analytical method validation.
  • Absolute adherence to cGMP and ICH guidelines.
  • Well-established change control process.
  • Quality audits and continuous training at all levels.


Regulatory Authorities

Health Canada Tablet Capsule (General) Ministry of Ukraine (MOH) Tablet Capsule (General) Ministry of Health of Russian Federation - Минздрав России Small volume parenteral (SVP) / Liquid and Dry Powder (General) Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) Small volume parenteral (SVP) / Liquid and Dry Powder (General) The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa) GENERAL (SVP Injections) WHO GMP Certified Manufacturing - CDSCO (India) GENERAL (TABLETS / CAPSULE / SVP Injections / DRY SYRUP / OINTMENT TUBE); CEPHALOSPORIN (DRY POWDER INJECTION); CYTOTOXIC (TABLETS / CAPSULE / LYOPHILIZED INJECTION / LIQUID INJECTION)
Inspections & Approvals
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