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Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd India | Taj Pharma | Taj Pharmaceuticals Mumbai
Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd India | Taj Pharma | Taj Pharmaceuticals Mumbai

Taj pharmaceutical is one of the most trusted brands in India which leads in the generic pharmaceutical industry. With the help of eight manufacturing sites under flagship in India, they are holding the top position. Moreover, they are also getting their gates open for other emerging generic markets.

Taj Pharma is dedicated towards their employees and customers and came as a blessing for those who cannot afford generic medicines by providing the same at a cheaper price. This brand not only promotes make in India ideology but it also promotes the enthusiasm and dedication of working for the welfare of humanity by charging the actual amount of medicines with minimal profits.

This brand is not only promoting the cheaper availability of medicines but they are also consistently researching the treatment of incurable diseases through therapies. With the wide range of products and services, they are trying to expand their business worldwide by dedicatedly focusing upon:

  • Determined disease predisposition
  • Providing the health information that can be behaved     upon to prevent or delay the illness
  • Diagnosis of diseases
  • Treatment of numerous diseases and their respective     conditions
  • Monitoring the progress of therapy

Those who could not afford generic medicines in their country got blessed with the Taj Group of Mr. Abhishek, Taj Pharma, MD that established his own pharmaceutical brand in the marketplace of Lebanon. The team of Taj including the Taj Pharmaceutical directors have always focused to serve their consumers instead of profit-making. With such low prices of generic medicines, the organization reached the milestone of 1 million consumers by the end of the first year.  He strongly believes that “the medicines are the basic human right and humankind must not make money from life-saving medicines”.

Taj Pharma India taj pharmaceuticals limited
Taj Pharma India taj pharmaceuticals limited

Ms. Priyanka Singh from taj pharma deploys a crucial role in the transformation of the brand from a small company within India to a brand which now serves for more than 100 branded and more than 500 generic compositions to the customers in about 28 countries and territories. She plays a major role in building up the company strategic terms for the courtiers like MENA and African region. The blend of enthusiasm and dynamism of cultural acceptance express her entrepreneurial style of management of things.