Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is an Indian Non-Government Company into manufacturing and distribution of medicines, majorly in Generic drug Manufacturing. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Indian city of Mumbai[4][5][6][3][7][8][9]. The company is led by Abhishek Kumar Singh[10], initially incorporated as manufacturing flagship company Taj Pharma CIS LLC, Moscow,[2]The company is focused on majorly in medicine relating to cancer/oncology, HIV/AIDS, influenza, Parkinson’s disease, transplantation, pneumonia, BCG vaccine[11] and common diseases.[12] The company said to have received FDA approval for the Drug Papaverine capsules 150mg; indicated for visceral spasm[13], ANDA for generic Topiramate Tablets[14] and US Patent for the controversial drug Terfenadine[15], doxorubicin injection[16]. Taj Pharmaceuticals was making patented diabetes drug Vildagliptin in India, which is still a propriety drug of Swiss firm Novartis[17]. The Company was listed as one of the few BCG vaccine manufacturers by the Global Market Survey conducted by World Health Organisation in 2017, BCG vaccine which is primarily used against tuberculosis (TB).[11]


Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited

FounderDr.R K Singh
CEOAbhishek Kumar Singh
HeadquartersMumbai, India
Area served
Key peopleAbhishek Kumar Singh, (CEO)[1]
Shantanu Kumar Singh (CFO)[2][3]
Health care
MembersPriyanka Singh
Number of employees5001
Website[https://tajpharma.in ] 
Telephone1800-222-434 / 825
+ +91 22 2637 4592

+91 22 2637 4593
+91 22 2634 1274


The product range includes major generic drugs under therapeutic category such as anti-cancer drugs, CNS drugs; Key category of products includes generic medicines for anemia, anxiety disorders, cancer/oncology, ear infections, heart failure, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, influenza, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, obesity, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, pneumonia, transplantation and common diseases.[12]Major Known competing brand in India against Ranbaxy’s health supplement capsules Revital is Activital Z, a combination of Vitamins, Minerals and Ginseng.[18]

Ms.Priyanka Singh is nominated for the Pharma Leaders Innovative Woman Entrepreneur of the year 2018.[19]


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