Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited is one of the top PHARMA THIRD PARTY MANUFACTURER with the mission to bring good healthcare products by following WHO-GMP Practices excellently. Taj Pharma is providing Third Party or Contract Manufacturing Services for wider dosages forms like Tablets, capsules, Powder, sachets, Ointments, Injection & more.

Taj Pharma Manufacturing Injection Unit is number one in the global generic drug manufacturing market and is Taj Pharma Manufacturing Unit team keeps pace with the latest technological developments, for Manufacturing of vast array of first generic copy of branded products

Taj Pharmaceuticals is fostering innovation to deliver excellence in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Contract Manufacturing for cardiac Diabetic, Neuropsychiatry, Derma & Cosmetics, Ophthalmic, Anti Fungal, Antibacterial & ayurvedic Product range. Taj Pharma is delivering excellence in manufacturing more than a decade.

India is one of the world largest manufacturing hub producing generic drugs account for 20 per cent of global exports in terms of volume. India is the source of 60,000 generic brands across 60 therapeutic categories and manufactures more than 500 different Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). The API industry is ranked third largest in the world contributing 57% of APIs to prequalified list of the WHO. India has nearly 1400 WHO-GMP approved Pharma Manufacturing Plants, 253 European Directorate of Quality Medicines (EDQM) approved plants with modern state of the art Technology. India holds 12% of all global manufacturing sites catering to US market

Pharma third Party manufacturing or Contract Manufacturing has become a popular strategy among Pharma PCD Marketing Companies. These Companies outsource their formulations manufacturing to other units to manage the cost and delivery of products. These Companies majorly focus on marketing & Advertisement of the products, Understanding the demand, Consumer Behaviour & getting expertise into that. There are no. of best Pharma Contract Manufacturers are engaged in only Manufacturing GMP Drugs & Formulations & not that focused into marketing. These units are into the race of becoming a quality focused Pharma Manufacturers Centre & deliver the excellence on time. The Companies we are listing as top 10 here are on the basis of their quality & production capacity for genre of range.