Taj Pharma Manufacturing Facility with β-Lactam Injections, Non β-Lactam Injections, Cephalosporin Injection, General Injections, Sex Hormones Injections and Sex Hormones Tablets

Taj Pharma Group take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited, manufacturer of pharmaceutical formulations andcatering to the diversified pharmaceutical market. Established in 1985 the company has grown due to continuous emphasis on quality, customer satisfaction and its social responsibilities in taking initiatives towards community.

The inception and journey of Taj Pharma started from promising land of Gujarat in Vapi, Sarigam and we are proud to get identified as the unique pharmaceutical provider in injections and some other forms in the global arena.

With the commitment of “Making Medicines Available at Affordable Prices” we have two manufacturing units. Unit-12 is for β-Lactam Dry Powder Injection, Non β-Lactum Dry Powder Injections, General Liquid Injections & Sex Hormones Liquid Injections which complies with and supplying injection to domestic market and various countries through merchant exporter (which have State-GMP and Approval of some countries).

Taj Pharmaceuticals state-of-the-art, fully automated, ultra-modern WHO-GMP CERTIFIED manufacturing unit -14 which is a dedicated Sex Hormones block with manufacturing facility of Injections in Ampoules, Vials and PFS and Tablets.

Taj Pharmaceuticals cater to pharmaceutical company’s need by customizing our products through channels like Export Manufacturing and Principal to Principal (P2P) arrangement. For the domestic market, we have clients like Sanofi, H-QYN, Mylan, Maan, Medex Private Limited, Cinkate, Concordia Healthcare, Shanghai Zhongxisanwei, Shenhua Pharm, Wuhan Wuyao Pharmaceutial are getting their products manufactured from us exclusively for exports.

Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited is looking to become ‘Single-Stop-Destination’ worldwide for buyers looking for a basket of pharmaceutical products. We are looking forward to partnering or to cater services to the elite pharmaceutical organizations.

Who We are: Taj Pharmaceuticals is leader in Cephalosporin dry powder injections; Taj Pharma India manufacture products in our state-of-the-art dedicated manufacturing facility. Taj Pharma has gained advantages on cost competitiveness, making us your ideal sourcing partner.

Taj Pharmaceuticals β-lactam division is certified for cGMP and are exporting to several countries overseas. Taj Pharma looks forward for business potential for Domestic and Exports market for product as below: Bactram( β-lactam Products)Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited

  • Ceftriaxone Sodium Inj 1000mg/ 500mg/250mg/2000mg/3000mg
  • Ceftriaxone Sodium + Sulbactam Sodium Inj. 1500mg/750mg/375mg/4500 mg
  • Ceftriaxone Sodium + Tazobactam Sodium Inj. 1125mg/562.5mg/281.25 mg
  • Cefoperazone Sodium + Sulbactam Sodium Inj. 1500mg/1000 mg
  • Cefuroxime Inj 1500mg/ 750 mg
  • Others as attached in our product list.

Taj Pharmaceuticals motto to propel business on mutually rewarding basis, we look forward to your reply to initiate business co-operation between us.

Looking forward to a mutually fruitful business relationship to take both of our organizations to bigger heights.

Taj Pharma As A Health Care Provider We put the customer at the front of every decision we make.

Taj Pharma India’s business can be contacted by common group e-mail: tajgroup@tajpharma.com, and query — will be forwarded to the relevant departments; additionally, telephone lines, ” Please Call TAJ PHARMA’s 24X7 helpline number i.e. 1800 222 434 (toll-free), 1800 222 825 (toll-free) Toll free numbers are accessible from all landlines and mobile phones in the country.” can be utilised if -you have an enquiry about the company, our healthcare business, or one of our medicines at India Standard Time (IST).

Direct line: +91 8448 444 095

Toll free: 1-800-222-434

Toll free: 1-800-222-825

General EPA BX: +91 22 2637 4592

+91 22 2637 4593

Fax No.:+91 22 2634 1274

E-Mail: info ( @ ) tajpharma dot com

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