I. Introduction

A. Brief overview of Taj Pharma B. Headquarters and specialization

II. Formulation Development

A. In-house process equipment
B. Dosage forms offered
1. Injectable
2. Oral Solids
3. Oral Liquids
4. Semisolids

III. Oral Solids

A. R&D support for tablets B. Development of capsules C. Powder for oral solutions/suspensions

IV. Injectable Capabilities

A. Development of aqueous and non-aqueous injections B. Ophthalmic solutions C. Lyophilized products

V. Nutraceuticals

A. Impressive group available for tech transfer B. Out-licensing opportunities

VI. Achievements and Track Record

A. Products filed with USFDA B. Successful approvals and commercialization

VII. Collaborations

A. Partnerships with renowned pharma companies B. Highlight of successful collaborations

VIII. Essential Services

A. Dossier Development B. Tech Transfer C. Commercial Supply D. BA/BE, CT, and Nutraceutical product supply

IX. Invitation to Explore Opportunities

A. Call to action for potential partnerships B. Eagerness to discuss possibilities

X. Conclusion

A. Expressing confidence in collaboration B. Gratitude for considering Taj Pharma


A. Frequently asked questions about Taj Pharma and its services

Taj Pharma: Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Development

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Partner
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Partner

In the bustling world of pharmaceuticals, one name stands out for its commitment to excellence and innovation – Taj Pharma. Headquartered in Mumbai, Taj Pharma, a distinguished division of Taj Pharma Group, specializes in providing comprehensive support to global generic pharmaceutical and finished formulation industries, particularly in formulation and analytical development.


Taj Pharma boasts a comprehensive range of in-house process equipment, empowering the development of various dosage forms tailored to specific needs. From Injectables to Oral Solids, Oral Liquids, and Semisolids, Taj Pharma’s expertise covers a broad spectrum.

Formulation Development

In-house Process Equipment

Our state-of-the-art in-house process equipment sets us apart, enabling the development of high-quality pharmaceuticals. This includes cutting-edge facilities for research and development, ensuring that our formulations meet the highest standards.

Dosage Forms Offered

  1. Injectable: Taj Pharma takes pride in its injectable capabilities, encompassing aqueous and non-aqueous injections, ophthalmic solutions, and lyophilized products.
  2. Oral Solids: In the realm of Oral Solids, we provide robust R&D support for tablets, capsules (Hard and Soft gelatin), and powder for oral solutions/suspensions.

Oral Solids

R&D Support for Tablets

Our dedicated team provides robust research and development support for tablet formulations. This includes a focus on innovation, efficacy, and ease of manufacturing.

Development of Capsules

Taj Pharma excels in the development of capsules, both hard and soft gelatin, ensuring a diverse range of options for pharmaceutical companies.

Powder for Oral Solutions/Suspensions

In the dynamic field of pharmaceuticals, Taj Pharma stands out with its expertise in developing powders for oral solutions and suspensions. This extends our commitment to providing versatile solutions.

Injectable Capabilities

Development of Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Injections

Our injectable capabilities extend to the development of both aqueous and non-aqueous injections. This ensures a broad range of options for pharmaceutical companies seeking innovative solutions.

Ophthalmic Solutions

Taj Pharma’s expertise also includes the development of ophthalmic solutions, reflecting our commitment to addressing diverse medical needs.

Lyophilized Products

The development of lyophilized products further showcases our dedication to pushing the boundaries of pharmaceutical innovation.


In addition to traditional pharmaceuticals, Taj Pharma offers an impressive group of nutraceuticals available for tech transfer and out-licensing. This provides pharmaceutical companies with diverse opportunities to expand their product portfolios.

Achievements and Track Record

Contract Manufacturing Export Quality Products
Contract Manufacturing Export

Our achievements speak volumes about our commitment to excellence. Four of our developed products have been filed with the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA), with three already approved and successfully commercialized. We are confident that our expertise and track record will add immense value to your development projects.


Taj Pharma has had the privilege of collaborating with renowned pharma companies, including Sun Pharma, Lupin, Instas Pharma, and Mankind Pharma. These successful partnerships highlight our ability to deliver exceptional results and forge strong relationships within the industry.

Essential Services

Our core services include Dossier Development, Tech Transfer, and Commercial Supply, ensuring seamless support for any regulatory agency. We also undertake BA/BE, CT, and Nutraceutical product supply, covering the entire spectrum of pharmaceutical development needs.

Invitation to Explore Opportunities

I invite you to explore the possibilities of partnering with Taj Pharma. Our team of experts is eager to discuss how we can contribute to the success of your development activities. Let’s schedule a call or a meeting at your convenience to delve deeper into the opportunities awaiting you.

Thank you for considering Taj Pharma as your trusted outsourcing partner. We are confident that our collaboration will generate outstanding outcomes for your pharmaceutical projects.


  1. What dosage forms does Taj Pharma specialize in?
    • Taj Pharma specializes in Injectable, Oral Solids, Oral Liquids, and Semisolids.
  2. How many products developed by Taj Pharma have been approved by the USFDA?
    • Three out of four products developed by Taj Pharma have been approved and successfully commercialized by the USFDA.
  3. Can Taj Pharma provide support for tablet and capsule development?
    • Yes, Taj Pharma offers robust R&D support for tablet and capsule development.
  4. What collaborations has Taj Pharma had with other pharma companies?
    • Taj Pharma has collaborated with renowned companies such as Sun Pharma, Lupin, Instas Pharma, and Mankind Pharma.
  5. What essential services does Taj Pharma offer?
    • Taj Pharma offers Dossier Development, Tech Transfer, Commercial Supply, BA/BE, CT, and Nutraceutical product supply.