Now more than ever, companies are embracing a paradigm shift, moving away from complex, in-house tablet coating formulations to a leaner production model that utilizes ready-prepared formulations. This transformation is not just a trend; it’s an imperative, driven by a growing awareness of the inherent risks associated with supply chains.

Taj Pharmaceuticals, under the visionary leadership of Mr. Shantanu Kumar Singh, Executive Director of the Taj Pharma Group, stands as a pioneer in facilitating this transformative journey. With a global footprint encompassing seven strategic manufacturing locations, Taj Pharma has emerged as a trusted partner, providing uninterrupted access to innovative solutions through their one-step Fully Automated Complete Film Coating System. In this article, we delve into the compelling reasons why this shift is gaining momentum and explore the myriad benefits it offers to pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The Genesis of One-Step Film Coatings

Top Film Coated Tablets Manufacturers & Suppliers in India
Top Film Coated Tablets Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

The concept of one-step film coatings for solid oral dose forms, a brainchild of Taj Pharma, has been in existence for over five decades. It’s no exaggeration to say that these coatings have become a standard practice in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. When compared with the traditional in-house coating methods, ready-made formulations present an array of significant advantages.

Simplifying the Complex

One of the most compelling benefits of fully formulated film coatings is the simplification of an otherwise intricate process. In-house coating typically involves a multifaceted series of tasks, beginning with the sourcing of raw materials, each of which demands rigorous quality control assessments. These materials often come from various vendors, necessitating audits and approvals for each, increasing the complexity of the supply chain.

In addition to this, storing raw materials incurs inventory management costs, and the subsequent preproduction and production stages further add to the timeline. The risk of error in ingredient selection is ever-present, given that each component is added individually. Achieving homogenous suspension often requires high shear mixing to ensure pigment dispersion, making the process more complex.

Furthermore, the act of dispensing coating materials introduces cleaning considerations and the potential for cross-contamination, thereby increasing the overall risk. Maintaining color consistency and uniformity poses a formidable challenge, as color depends on the particle size distribution of pigments, and any inconsistency in batches leads to variations in the final coating color.

The Fully Formulated Advantage

On the flip side, fully formulated coatings present a much more streamlined and risk-averse solution. With just one material from a single supplier and a single quality check, this approach significantly reduces documentation, simplifies handling, shortens production times, and ensures consistent quality. More importantly, it minimizes supply chain risk.

Reputable and reliable coating vendors, such as Taj Pharma, go the extra mile by conducting quality audits of their suppliers, establishing alternative sources of supply in case of unforeseen events, and providing essential regulatory support. This level of diligence ensures that the entire process is not only efficient but also resilient.

Unraveling the Color Conundrum

Color uniformity is a persistent challenge in coating processes, but Taj Pharma’s innovative approaches provide a reliable solution. They employ instrumental and visual color difference tests to guarantee consistent color in every batch. Instrumental tests confirm that the hydrated powder adheres to the standard color specified in the formulation and is measurable using a reflectance spectrophotometer.

Appearance testing takes things a step further, ensuring that the color, odor, and homogeneity of the powder blend align with item specifications. Visual color difference tests provide a historical context by comparing past batch information to confirm consistency in the instrument-derived color data.

The Lean Process Revolution

Taj Pharma’s commitment to innovation and efficiency extends to its one-step film coating systems, which amalgamate essential ingredients, including polymer, plasticizer, and pigment, into a dry concentrate. These Fully Automated film coating systems are nothing short of exemplary, catering to a broad spectrum of functional applications and color requirements. While the advantages of these coatings are often viewed in terms of productivity and cost-saving, the quality assurances and risk mitigation aspects should not be underestimated.

Key Benefits

  • Elimination of Separate Inventories: The consolidation of essential ingredients simplifies inventory management.
  • Simple Preparation and Ease of Use: The dry concentrate format streamlines the coating process, making it accessible and user-friendly.
  • Optimized Equipment Usage: The Full Automated range of film coating systems maximizes resource allocation.
  • Quality Control Savings: Rigorous quality control measures reduce costs and enhance product consistency.
  • Batch-to-Batch Color Consistency: Taj Pharma’s systems ensure that color remains consistent across all batches.
  • Reliable Supply Chain: With a global presence and meticulous supply chain management, Taj Pharma guarantees a steady and secure supply of coatings.
  • Expert Technical and Regulatory Support: Taj Pharma’s unwavering commitment to excellence extends to providing technical and regulatory guidance to their partners.

The Four Pillars of Quality Assurance

To ensure that their coating formulations are both innovative and robust, Taj Pharma has adopted four quality by design (QbD) principles that support their Full Automated coatings. These principles are instrumental in maintaining consistent color and reliable coating performance across all batches.

1. Design of Experiment (DoE)

This process optimization technique enhances coating formulations by conducting comprehensive experiments. From development to launch, all Full Automated systems undergo rigorous assessment to ensure optimum functionality.

2. Process Validation

Taj Pharma leaves no room for compromise in ensuring that every new Full Automated system meets the required quality specifications. This validation process is conducted at every scale of manufacture across their seven interchangeable manufacturing plants worldwide.

3. Stability Testing

Following the guidelines of the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH), Taj Pharma conducts stability testing to guarantee the consistent and stable appearance, color, dispersion properties, and coating performance throughout the specified shelf-life of the product.

4. Master Formulation

A unique master formulation serves as a global reference for creating all subsequent batch records, regardless of where they are produced worldwide. This standardization is pivotal in maintaining consistent quality.

Optimizing the Final Finish

While a fully formulated Full Automated film coating system addresses many quality concerns, it’s crucial to recognize that the final finish’s quality hinges on the control of critical process parameters (CPPs). These parameters encompass factors such as dispersion spray rate, spray distribution, process temperatures, airflow, coating solids concentration, pan loading, and pan speed. Understanding and managing these elements are imperative for achieving a superior final product.

Evaluating the Supplier Network

A robust supplier network is the cornerstone of a reliable pharmaceutical supply chain. Service providers should be evaluated based on their capabilities, adherence to good manufacturing practices, and robust business continuity planning (BCP). Routine monitoring of supplier performance is essential, and Taj Pharma leads the way in this regard.

Taj Pharma’s Commitment to Excellence

Taj Pharma operates within the framework of industry guidelines, ensuring that finished product testing aligns with a certified quality management system. Their operations comply with the Joint IPEC-PQG Good Manufacturing Practices Guide for Pharmaceutical Excipients, and they are ISO9001 certified. This commitment to rigorous standards minimizes risk and ensures consistent quality across all their offerings.

Superior Support, Worldwide Reach

With 22 technical support laboratories across the globe, Taj Pharma stands ready to assist customers in optimizing their coating processes. These labs offer a platform for conducting trials, seeking expert advice, and troubleshooting. Additionally, the Taj Pharma Coating School provides an invaluable educational program, covering theoretical aspects of film coating, hands-on experience with laboratory and production-scale equipment, and insights into the latest developments in coating formulations.

The Imperative of a Lean, Right-First-Time Approach

In these tumultuous times, the urgency of transitioning to lean, right-first-time coating systems cannot be overstated. This shift, championed by Taj Pharmaceuticals, holds the key to ensuring high-quality pharmaceutical products and mitigating risks. The traditional challenges associated with in-house coating processes, such as raw material quality, color variation, and stability issues, are being effectively addressed through fully formulated Full Automated systems.

Taj Pharma’s commitment to innovation, rigorous quality control, and unwavering support for their partners have made them a formidable force in the pharmaceutical manufacturing landscape. As the industry continues to evolve, their dedication to quality, efficiency, and risk mitigation ensures that they remain at the forefront of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

In conclusion, the transformation of pharmaceutical manufacturing is a journey with Taj Pharmaceuticals as a trailblazing guide. As companies around the world seek to streamline their processes, reduce risks, and maintain the highest standards of quality, Taj Pharma’s one-step Fully Automated Complete Film Coating System emerges as a beacon of excellence, simplifying the complex and ensuring that each batch meets the highest quality standards.

In the ever-evolving landscape of pharmaceutical manufacturing, the quest for efficiency, quality, and reliability has reached new heights.