Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd, a beacon of innovation and quality. Nestled at Village Kalgam, Coastal Highway Road, Dist. Valsad, Gujarat, India, their world-class finished dosage manufacturing facility stands as a testament to their commitment to excellence. Let’s delve into the intricacies of Taj Pharma’s manufacturing capabilities, production facilities, and their prowess in contract manufacturing.

Manufacturing Marvels at Taj Pharmaceuticals

Scale and Commercial Modules for Solid Dosages

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Partner
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Partner

Taj Pharma’s commitment to precision is evident in its scale-up and commercial modules for solid dosages. These modules ensure a seamless transition from development to large-scale production, maintaining the highest standards.

Sterile Manufacturing Excellence

With two dedicated modules for sterile manufacturing, Taj Pharmaceuticals operates under Class 10,000 and Class 1000 controlled conditions. The facility boasts 17 dedicated AHUs (Air Handling Units) to control individual areas, along with terminal Hepa filters in the core processing area.

State-of-the-Art Technology

The manufacturing facility at Taj Pharma is equipped for wet/dry granulation, direct compression, film coating, and blister/strip/alu-alu packing. Their commitment to quality extends to comprehensive utilities such as boilers, chilled & hot water systems, air compressors, H.T electricity, including DG and UPS.

Focus on Safety, Health & Environment

Taj Pharmaceuticals places an absolute focus on safety, health, and environmental sustainability. The facility is in the process of gearing up for ISO 9001 and 14001 (EMS) certifications, showcasing their dedication to global standards.

Impressive Manufacturing Capacities

Taj Pharma’s manufacturing prowess is reflected in its capacities:

  • Tablet: 22 lac per shift
  • Capsule: 22 lac per shift
  • Injection: 2.5 lac per shift
  • Dry Injection: 3.5 lac per shift
  • Small Volume Parenterals: 4.5 lac per shift
  • Syrups & Suspensions: 1.5 lac per shift
  • Ointments: 2.5 lac per shift
  • Dry Syrups: 1.5 lac per shift

Injection Manufacturing Expertise

Taj Pharmaceuticals excels in injection manufacturing with capacities including:

  • Lyophilized Injection: 5 million (w.r.t. 10 ml)
  • Liquid Injection: 10 million (w.r.t. 10 ml)
  • Cephalosporin — Dry Powder Injection: 10 million
  • Ampoule: 50,000/shift

Taj Oncology: Pioneering Innovation in Anti-Cancer Pharmaceuticals

Contract Manufacturing Export Quality Products
Contract Manufacturing Export Quality Products

Taj Oncology, a division of Taj Pharmaceuticals, envisions becoming a global leader in oncology. With a modern facility inaugurated in 2009, they focus on generics and formulations for oncology and other therapeutic applications. Their commitment to self-sufficiency is evident in the launch of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in 1994.

Anti-Cancer Division Capacities

Taj Oncology’s manufacturing capacities include:

  • Tablets: 175 million
  • Capsules: 10 million
  • Lyophilized Injection: 5 million (w.r.t. 10 ml)
  • Liquid Injection: 10 million (w.r.t. 10 ml)

Global Reach

Taj Oncology’s reach extends globally, with operations meeting Good Manufacturing Practices norms as laid down by the World Health Organization. Their network spans across continents, aiming to reach cancer patients worldwide.

Quality Management Systems

Taj Pharmaceuticals emphasizes quality control, assurance, production, and regulatory affairs. Their salient features include an integrated approach, state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation, continuous improvement, end-to-end process validation, and adherence to cGMP and ICH guidelines.

Regulatory Approvals

The company has received approvals from renowned regulatory authorities, including Health Canada, Ministry of Ukraine, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Saudi Food and Drug Authority, The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa), and WHO GMP certification by CDSCO (India).

Taj Pharmaceuticals: Leading the Way in Generic Healthcare

Critical Shortage of Medicines for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis
Medicines for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited stands as a global leader in generics, with a product range exceeding 4600 compositions across therapeutic categories. Their commitment to healthcare is reflected in the development of targeted medicines, diagnostic tools, and integrated healthcare solutions.

A Century of Dedication

For over a century, Taj Pharmaceuticals has pursued its mission with patience, dedication, imagination, and skill. The company’s vision is to offer better, safer, and more cost-effective healthcare solutions, reducing suffering and improving the quality of life worldwide.

Connect with Taj Pharmaceuticals

For inquiries and collaboration, reach out to Taj Pharmaceuticals:

  • Email: info@tajpharma.com / tajgroup@tajpharma.com
  • Direct Line: +91 8448 444 095
  • Toll-Free: 1–800–222–434 / 1–800–222–825
  • General EPA BX: +91 22 2637 4592 / +91 22 2637 4593
  • Fax: +91 22 2634 1274