Taj Pharmaceuticals, spearheaded by the visionary entrepreneur Dr. R. K. Singh, stands as a beacon of innovation and commitment to advancing healthcare. Dr. Singh, a pioneer in recognizing the potential of generic pharmaceutical products, founded Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited in 1995. This article delves into Taj Pharmaceuticals’ journey, its contributions to the pharmaceutical industry, and the impact of its founder’s foresight.

Taj Pharmaceuticals: A Brief Overview

Taj Pharma Injection Manufacturing Plant
Taj Pharma Injection Manufacturing Plant

Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited, also known as Taj Active Ingredients (Taj API), is a prominent manufacturer of Bulk Drugs/APIs and their intermediates. Founded by Dr. R. K. Singh, a luminary associated with the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences, Taj Pharma has evolved into a powerhouse in the pharmaceutical sector. The company boasts three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Valsad and Daman, adhering to international quality standards.

Leadership and Infrastructure

Taj Pharmaceuticals is guided by an experienced scientific leadership team, fostering strong relationships with major pharma and biotech companies. The company’s manufacturing prowess is evident in its 30-acre API Facility with a reactor volume of 175,000 liters, certified with ISO 9001 and following cGLP and cGMP practices.

Taj Pharmaceuticals: Expanding Horizons

Dr. R. K. Singh’s commitment to bridging the gap between pharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare professionals led to the expansion of Taj Pharmaceuticals globally. Affiliates were established in Mauritius, Malaysia, Dubai, Moscow, England, France, and Russia. Today, Taj Pharmaceuticals stands as one of India’s leading healthcare companies.

Diversified Expertise and Commercial Success

Taj Pharma is a product-driven company with diversified expertise, witnessing commercial success on a global scale. With over two decades of association with the pharmaceutical industry, Taj Pharmaceuticals has become a vital player in India’s healthcare landscape.

Quality-Oriented Approach and Product Portfolio

Formulation Development
Formulation Development

Taj Pharma Group, with headquarters in Mumbai and manufacturing in Ahmadabad, focuses on quality-oriented pharmaceuticals. The company’s product portfolio spans major therapy areas, including Anti-infective, Nutritional Supplements, Gastrointestinal, Cardiovascular & Diabetes, Dermatology, Urology, and Central Nervous System (CNS).

Global Reach and Distribution Network

Utilizing world-class manufacturing facilities in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Daman, Taj Pharmaceuticals ensures the availability of quality pharmaceutical formulations. The company has expanded its reach across India and beyond, adding new distributors and agents to its network.

Innovation at the Core: Taj Pharmaceuticals’ Molecules

Taj Pharmaceuticals takes pride in its diverse range of over 1500 molecules, including leading ones like Trientine Hydrochloride, Cefozone, Abirataj, and many more. The company’s DNA is infused with a commitment to innovation aimed at saving precious lives.

Visionary Goals and Customer Satisfaction

The core aim of Taj Pharmaceuticals is customer satisfaction, focusing on product quality, timely order delivery, and seamless execution. The company constantly communicates with suppliers, ensuring flexibility, avoiding defects, and improving its product portfolio through collaboration with various stakeholders.

Taj Pharma India Limited: A Glimpse into Corporate Details

Taj Pharma India Limited, incorporated in 2011, is a public limited company associated with Taj Pharmaceuticals. With a registered office in Mumbai, the company’s key management personnel, including Dr. Ranvir Kumar Bindeshwari Singh, Abhishek Singh, and others, steer its operations.

Corporate Information and Classification

Taj Pharma India Limited’s commitment to quality is evident in its ISO:9000-2018 certification and WHO-GMP accreditation. The company is categorized as a non-government public limited company, actively contributing to India’s pharmaceutical landscape.

Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited Ahmadabad: Manufacturing Excellence

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Partner
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Partner

With its headquarters in Mumbai and manufacturing prowess in Ahmadabad, Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited continues to be a stalwart in the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s product range, including injectables, tablets, capsules, and more, showcases its dedication to quality and innovation.

Global Presence and Growth Aspirations

Taj Pharmaceuticals’ global reach extends to nations like Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Russia, and Ukraine. The company aspires to further expand its footprint to Africa, Latin America, South Asia, and Eastern Europe.

Anticancer Innovations: Taj Pharmaceuticals’ Contribution

Taj Pharmaceuticals has made significant strides in the field of oncology, offering custom contract manufacturing and dedicated facilities for anticancer drugs. The company’s Oncology Division focuses on chemotherapeutic formulations, providing innovative solutions globally.

Taj Pharmaceuticals’ Anticancer Medicines: A Solution for Patients Worldwide

Recognizing the global impact of cancer, Taj Pharmaceuticals manufactures a variety of anticancer treatments, including Erlotinib, Capecitabine, Gefitinib, and Imatinib. The company’s commitment to less painful and convenient treatments underscores its dedication to patient well-being.

Taj Pharmaceuticals, under the visionary leadership of Dr. R. K. Singh, has carved a niche for itself in the pharmaceutical industry. Its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction has propelled it to the forefront of healthcare. As Taj Pharmaceuticals continues its journey, it stands as a testament to the transformative power of visionary leadership in shaping the future of pharmaceuticals.


  1. When was Taj Pharma India Limited incorporated?
    • Taj Pharma India Limited was incorporated on 28 June 2011 as a Company limited by Shares.
  2. What is the registered address of Taj Pharma India Limited?
    • The registered address is 905, 9th floor, the avenue bldg, marol village, navpada, marol, andheri east Mumbai, Mumbai City, MH 400059, India.
  3. Where has Taj Pharma India Limited been incorporated?
    • The company was incorporated in Mumbai with registration number 219226.
  4. What is the classification of Taj Pharma India Limited?
    • Taj Pharma India Limited is classified as a Public company.
  5. What is the E-filing status of the company?
    • The status of Taj Pharma India Limited is Active.