Unveiling Taj Pharmaceuticals: A Beacon of Excellence in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Cancer Care through Innovation and Commitment
Cancer Care through Innovation and Commitment

In the ever-evolving landscape of pharmaceuticals, Taj Pharmaceuticals stands tall as a global leader, redefining the industry’s norms and setting new benchmarks. Let’s delve into the intricacies of Taj Pharmaceuticals, exploring its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and its commitment to quality healthcare solutions.

Taj Pharmaceuticals’ Manufacturing Marvel

Location and Specialization: Taj Pharmaceuticals boasts a world-class finished dosage manufacturing facility nestled at Village Kalgam, Coastal Highway Road, Dist. Valsad, Gujarat, India. Positioned strategically amidst major generic players, the facility specializes in various pharmaceutical products.

Diverse Product Categories: The facility features dedicated manufacturing modules for a spectrum of pharmaceutical products, including tablets, capsules, small volume parenterals, injections, dry injections, syrups and suspensions, ointments, and dry syrups. This comprehensive range caters to both export and domestic markets.

Unveiling Manufacturing Capabilities

Solid Dosages:

  • A Scale up and a Commercial module for Solid dosages.
  • Two Modules for Sterile manufacturing.
  • Class 10,000 and Class 1000 controlled conditions with 17 dedicated AHUs and Terminal Hepa filters in the core processing area.

Salient Features:

  • Class 10,000 and Class 1000 controlled conditions.
  • Capable of wet/dry granulation, direct compression, film coating, and blister/strip/alu-alu packing.
  • Purified Water Distribution loop confirming to USP.
  • Comprehensive utilities for boilers, chilled & hot water, air compressors, H.T electricity, including DG and UPS.
  • Cutting-edge equipment such as GCs, HPLCs with PDA, UV Spectrophotometers, IR, PSD, DSC.
  • Stringent adherence to safety, health, and environmental standards.
  • Pursuing ISO 9001 and 14001 (EMS) certifications.
  • Factory cGMP, WHO, UKMHRA Approved.

Manufacturing Capacities:

  • Tablet: 22 lac per shift.
  • Capsule: 22 lac per shift.
  • Injection: 2.5 lac per shift.
  • Dry Injection: 3.5 lac per shift.
  • Small Volume Parenterals: 4.5 lac per shift.
  • Syrups & Suspensions: 1.5 lac per shift.
  • Ointments: 2.5 lac per shift.
  • Dry Syrups: 1.5 lac per shift.

The Precision of Injection Manufacturing

Manufacturing Capacities:

  • Lyophilized Injection: 5 million (w.r.t. 10 ml).
  • Liquid Injection: 10 million (w.r.t. 10 ml).
  • Cephalosporin – Dry Powder Injection: 10 million.
  • Ampoule: 50,000/shift.

Taj Oncology: Pioneering Cancer Care

Formulation Development
Formulation Development

Taj Oncology envisions becoming a world-class player in oncology by excelling in innovation and consistently delivering high-quality products. The facility, operational since 2009, is a pioneer in lyophilization and focuses on achieving self-sufficiency in formulations and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Anti-Cancer Division Capacities:

  • Tablets: 175 million.
  • Capsules: 10 million.
  • Lyophilized Injection: 5 million (w.r.t. 10 ml).
  • Liquid Injection: 10 million (w.r.t. 10 ml).

“Taj Oncology is the fulfillment of my long-cherished dream to provide a range of quality pharmaceutical products at affordable prices for the welfare of humanity.” – Ms. Priyanka Singh, Director – Taj Pharma Group, Mumbai.

Quality Assurance and Regulatory Approvals

Taj Pharmaceuticals prioritizes quality with an integrated approach towards quality control, assurance, production, and regulatory affairs. Rigorous testing and adherence to global standards have earned them approvals from health authorities worldwide.

Regulatory Approvals Include:

  • Health Canada Tablet Capsule (General).
  • Ministry of Ukraine (MOH) Tablet Capsule (General).
  • Ministry of Health of Russian Federation Small volume parenteral (SVP) / Liquid and Dry Powder (General).
  • Saudi Food and Drug Authority Small volume parenteral (SVP) / Liquid and Dry Powder (General).
  • The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa) GENERAL (SVP Injections).

Taj Pharma: A Glimpse into the Future

Contract Manufacturing of Export Quality
Contract Manufacturing of Export Quality

Taj Pharmaceuticals, a global force, stands among India’s top ten pharmaceutical companies. With a focus on cancer, virology, and transplantation, Taj Pharma is equipped to develop integrated healthcare solutions tailored to individual patient needs.

Connect with Taj Pharmaceuticals

For inquiries and information, reach out to Taj Pharmaceuticals:

  • E-Mail: info@tajpharma.com / tajgroup@tajpharma.com
  • Direct line: +91 8448 444 095
  • Toll free: 1–800–222–434, 1–800–222–825
  • General EPA BX: +91 22 2637 4592, +91 22 2637 4593
  • Fax No.: +91 22 2634 1274

Taj Pharmaceuticals, a beacon of innovation, is translating a grand vision into reality by innovating generics healthcare. Their commitment to excellence, global standards, and patient welfare cements their position as a trailblazer in the pharmaceutical industry.


  1. Is Taj Pharmaceuticals only focused on cancer care?
    • While Taj Oncology specializes in oncology, Taj Pharmaceuticals offers a broad range of pharmaceutical products across therapeutic categories.
  2. What certifications does Taj Pharmaceuticals hold?
    • Taj Pharmaceuticals is ISO 9001 and 14001 (EMS) certified, cGMP, WHO, and UKMHRA approved, with numerous regulatory approvals from international health authorities.
  3. How can I contact Taj Pharmaceuticals for business inquiries?
  4. What is the manufacturing capacity for tablets at Taj Pharmaceuticals?
    • Taj Pharmaceuticals has a tablet manufacturing capacity of 22 lac per shift.
  5. What sets Taj Oncology apart in cancer care?
    • Taj Oncology pioneers innovation, drug delivery mechanisms, and high-quality production in the field of oncology, reflecting a commitment to affordable healthcare solutions for cancer patients worldwide.