Pain treatment

Taj Pharmaceuticals has a long and successful track record in developing value adding pharmaceutical pain products and has an extensive portfolio of drugs that are used for treating all categories of pain.

of adults sampled suffered from one or more types of pain at any given point in time
adults in Europe suffer from chronic pain, meaning pain which occurs repeatedly
over a period of three months or longer

We go beyond traditional pain management

We promote the recommendation of today’s numerous good practices for the use of opioids. The good use of opioids has been adapted to treat different types of pain encountered in current practice. Depending on the situation, strong opioids can be used to treat pain in various ways and their precaution rules are precise to different pathologies.

Along with our value adding pharmaceutical pain products, we promote responsible treatment information, based on released documents by health authorities (which are in accordance with most recent professional recommendations). Our aim is to ensure access to our medicines, in the best conditions of safety and efficacy as possible.

Our products

We are closer than ever to the patients by making available our products to hospitals, pain care, oncology and palliative centres proving our commitment in pain treatment.