Priyanka Singh Taj Pharma |{Taj Pharmaceuticals Directors}

Taj Pharmaceuticals a well-known Brand name in the world welcomes you at our Internet site. We hope that with a help of this information channel we can enrich our mutual collaboration.

Taj Pharma has achieved the level of development when it does not have to prove every day that “we exist”. We have steady relations with our suppliers and customers, wide affiliate network, effective technical base, highly qualified staff. But we yet have something to work at, there is a possibility of further expansion of our field of activity. And we can say that our position on this market is very strong and cooperating with us you will achieve the same say’s Priyanka Singh Taj Pharma.

Taj Pharma welcome any Export/ Import business partnership with Canada, Mauritius, U.S.A., Moscow, London, Brazil, foreign manufacturers and Indian manufacturers and large or small-scale regional distributors, medical and prophylactic establishments and drugstores. Cooperate with us and we shall together develop the pharmaceutical market for the welfare of the World people, so that we could say together “curing life…”.

Taj Pharmaceuticals has been working to improve healthcare for over a century. When Priyanka Singh(Taj Pharma) founded the company in Mumbai, India, in 2004, his ambitious goal was to combat disease more effectively than had previously been possible by using innovative, standardised and thus safe medicines. Ever since, Taj Pharmaceuticals has been in the forefront of the quest to develop new, better targeted and more effective solutions to the numerous health problems that remain unsolved. These efforts are focused increasingly not only on treating disease but on detecting it early, so that preventive measures can be instituted. Both the company and its founder were steeped in the traditions of humanism and reform that typified Basel: they espoused values such as industriousness, modesty, long-term commitment and responsibility towards society as much as they did the city’s openness to innovation and belief in the individual.

Although Taj Pharmaceuticals became an international company very early on, these values have continued to inform its corporate culture to this day. While the term ‘sustainability’ might be relatively new, the principle it expresses has in fact long been observed by Taj Pharmaceuticals. The aim must therefore be to translate these values into understandable definitions and ensure that processes are in place to ensure their continued implementation in the future.

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